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Donald Trump, All Hail The President of the United States.

I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on, right now you’re seriously wondering if he’s a “friend or foe”? “Genius or lunatic”?

More importantly you’re secretly asking yourself, “Will I be richer or poorer in the next 4 years?”

Only time time will tell, but you better buckle up for a bumpy ride along the way.

Let me ask you this, did he run for the presidency to boost his ego and expand his business empire or truly to “Make America Great Again”?

If you think the answer is the former, then this is a classic move straight from The Art of the Deal.

In my opinion, when Donald Trump is done with his term, whether it may be four years or eight years, if he is not a billionaire now (I mean, how can we REALLY know?) he’s certainly going to be much richer than when he entered office. Let’s face reality here, he’s building a legacy here for future Trump-clan leaders.

In my opinion, Trump wakes up each day to serve Trump. Not me or you or anyone else in this country.

He will fleece America and use it to strengthen his and his family’s financial position and name. He is definitely a shrewd businessman and he knows what he is doing, I applaud him for that.

He is well-known for leveraging his power, his position and his “brand”. Now that he is the President of the United States, he is going to continue that on a much larger scale. Donald Trump has become a global household name.

He of all people knows that value of that and I guarantee you he is going to maximize that benefit to the fullest extent!

I know there’s a lot of people out there who think he will stabilize America’s economy, propel us to growth we haven’t seen in decades and make America great again.

I think is basically impossible because we are so far in debt, nearly $20 trillion to be exact. And the US debt clock just keeps ticking higher… every… single…. day.

And there’s no end in sight.

He’s building a legacy for future Trump’s and handing our children a pile of debt to manage.

I don’t believe there is much he can do in a four-year term that is going to change our current situation. So far all we’re seeing is a lot of talk and nothing of substance. Don’t hold your breath hoping that is going to change.

Without some big changes, he’s going to bankrupt America beyond repair.

Bankruptcies? Now that’s something Trump REALLY knows about!

To the public, he downplayed his bankruptcies for years but let’s look at some facts about the President: He has filed bankruptcy at least 4 times in business. He has written a lot of books about business…they all seem to end up at Chapter 11. He bankrupted his companies not once, not twice, but four times. For the record. Trump does not deny the charge but argues that it was a smart business decision.

I love it when businessmen argue that using bankruptcy (which lets them dump their debt on someone else to worry about) is “just good business.

While he only claims the four bankruptcies, two more should be associated with him totaling six since 1991.

  • Bankruptcy #1. The Taj Mahal Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which opened in 1990. It only took a year to make the casino nearly $3 billion in debt.
  • Bankruptcy #2. The Trump Castle, 1992. Within a year of filing his first Chapter 11 Trump found himself in bankruptcy court again. Bankruptcy #3. The Trump Plaza and Casino, which opened in 1984 declared bankruptcy at the same time as the Castle.
  • Bankruptcy #4. Plaza Hotel accumulated $550 million in debt by 1992.
  • Bankruptcy #5. Trump Hotel and Casino Resort had accrued $1.8 billion in debt according to the associated press in 1994.
  • Bankruptcy #6. Trump Hotel and Casino Resort was hit hard by the 2008 economic recession and missed a $53.1 million dollar bond interest payment.

Obviously our President is the master of filing Chapter 11.

Completely irresponsible, but this is what we’re dealing with now.

Seems like Republicans think Trump is going to lower taxes. But I have to ask, “Will that help our economy? Will people spend more money and contribute to strengthening it? Are people going to have more jobs because of the tax reduction?”

Rich guys want to argue for lower taxes and they have very creative reasons for why that will stimulate the economy. I generally tend to agree with them here.

Historically, lowering taxes encourages people to spend more money by putting more money back into our economy thus strengthening it. So in that way, shape and form it works. I think it’s a great idea. It’s one way on the path to a better economy. The more money you have the more money you spend.

Now, being the President of the United States and being a business owner are two separate worlds. You cannot meet with the United Nations and negotiate policies and if they don’t work out-just wave a magic Chapter 11 wand and start over again. It doesn’t work like that.
You cannot negotiate a peace policy with a foreign nation and when agreements are broken insist on a Chapter 11. Fingers crossed everything will be all right because wars occur and people die.

I am afraid President Donald Trump has been a businessman for far too long and politics has been on a learn as you go basis.
Does a business mentality work in politics?

Where will we end up when Trump mixes politics and business? Or will he learn that politics and business don’t mix. Will Trump be able to differ between a hostile takeover and political negotiations?
Hopefully along the way he will listen to his advisors who have extensive political experience.

In closing, my honest opinion is that no man, no matter what agenda, strategy, intelligence, financial status or background will be able to fix the issues we face today — especially the US debt that has accumulated for the past 30 years.

Donald Trump’s record has proven that he is nothing but a businessman and will personally benefit from his presidency financially more than any other president before him.

Personally I fear for our future. Best case scenario our economy will stay at status quo until the trillions in debt and with issues unresolved.

I believe we are now the laughing stock of the world because we have elected a Reality TV show host who owned the Miss America Contest and has filed bankruptcy 6 times to be our leader. We elected him over a dozen better political choices.

The public was so desperate for change that we elected a man who is famous for saying “You’re Fired” to run our country. Just remember that if you lose your job to one of his policies soon.

In 2020, remember Jose Canseco for President!

Yep, I’ve done reality TV shows and I have only filed for bankruptcy once. Love me or hate me, I get things done!

Author: Jose Canseco: 2x World Series Champion