Imagine you had the blueprint to become an elite trader… no more searching for the Holy Grail… no more scouring for the best setups out there. The only thing you need to do is follow a simple step-by-step system.

You’re probably thinking, That’s too good to be true, Kyle.

Well, if you’re skeptical right now… that’s good because I want you to be, and that tells me you have the mindset of a trader. The elite traders don’t just take someone’s word for it… they conduct due diligence for themselves and only place bets when they have a clear-cut edge.

However, I’ll tell you one thing… I’ve released the blueprint that took me to the next level and helped me turn $15K into $7.5M in the last 6 years… the same one that allowed me to rake in $1.17M in 2017, $2.28M in 2018 and $1.4M so far this year.


Now that I’ve got your attention…

I want to show you the 5 strategies I use to consistently find massive winners in the market… and why they’re so darn effective in ANY market environment.


5 Ways to Attack the Market

The path from amateur to elite trader is not as strenuous as you think… especially if you have the keys to the trading kingdom. And I’m going to provide you with the same keys I used to unlock massive profits in the market.


Dollar Ace Strategy Uncovers 96% Winner

If you don’t know by now… Wall Street “insiders” operate covertly and look for ways to hide their trades. Why? A lot of the time, they have non-public information and still place bets on them. Since it’s illegal for them to get in on the action…

They’ve figured out ways to use the options market to their advantage. However, there is technology out there that detects their every move… legally.

That’s where my Dollar Ace system comes into play.

I noticed a number of unusual options activity orders go off in Kraft Heinz (KHC)… and there was a noticeably high open interest in the KHC January 17 2020 $32.50 calls.

So all I needed to do was look at the chart, and pick a spot.

If you notice, KHC tested a resistance level… and pulled back significantly after a brokerage commented on the stock. However, I figured traders just had weak hands and panicked. However, I knew the smart money was in… so I decided to buy the calls.

I bought 100 KHC January 17 2020 $32.50 Calls for .45.”

Not too long after, I was locking in a 96% winner!

That’s just one of the layers in my blueprint.


Fast Profits With This Blueprint Layer

One of the strategies is just one trade a week… in on Monday and out by Friday. All I do is look at the charts and come up with a trading plan.

Check out how it works…


It’s really that easy. You get my highest conviction trade idea, and just execute.


By focusing on my edge, I’m able to consistently find profits in the market… every single week with just one trade a week.

Now, another layer I’ve added to my game over the years was options… and when I see juicy plays, I use my Options Rocket strategy.


Uncovering Triple-Digit Returns

The beauty of options is the fact they provide so much leverage, and it allows us to grow our accounts exponentially.

Just take a look at how Options Rocket works


With this specific setup, I figured this company could run up into its earnings event. Not only that, but since this stock was beaten down, the options were pretty cheap, so I scooped them up.

Just a few days later… here’s what happened with the trade…



Just some simple analysis… plan the trade… and trade the plan. That’s it.

Now, let’s take a look at my bread-and-butter.


The Catalyst Runup

Another strategy I used is focused on biotech and pharmaceutical stocks — a sector that offers some of the best risk-reward opportunities in the game.

With this strategy, I find a catalyst event… pair it with a bullish chart setup… and plan accordingly.

Let me show you how this all works with a real-money case study.


So SOLY had an upcoming data release — the catalyst.

However, I didn’t get in just because of the upcoming event… there was actually an interesting chart pattern to go along with it.

The stock was compressing and approaching a key breakout level (the blue horizontal line in the chart below).



This is a high probability setup.. and with the SOLY set to release data for their keloid trial, it was the perfect catalyst runup trade.

In just 2 days… the stock broke above that level.



Not quite the target I had my eye on. However, I didn’t want to hold the stock into the data release… because I was sitting on $7K in profits… so I decided to lock it in and look for the next best setup.



Last, but not least… there’s Sniper Report.

It’s the one single strategy where I look for disruptive companies set to change their industries. Basically, I come up with a few of my best ideas and put them into a portfolio… and a lot of the times, these stocks move far and fast.



That’s it… my entire blueprint to how I went from $15K to $7.5M in just 6 years.

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Kyle Dennis

Straight outta college Kyle Dennis taught himself to trade, and then made over $7 million in trading profits by the time he was 28 years old. Kyle reveals how to find, track, and profit from lucrative trades for exceptional profits. Thousands of traders follow him every day to learn how to target these high probability trades.

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