The back story: I live in one of the states slammed by weather on Sunday into Monday; I was in the more than half of my state that was left without power and Internet access.

The only tool I had for trading on Monday was my smart phone, being charged in my car.

Read how Davis Martin was handling the storm as it happened

How it turned out: From my phone, I was able to monitor all my open positions, which carried into Tuesday still looking good. It was the perfect example of why you need a back-up plan and how using one can save your bacon.

My situation now:  The power is back on and the Internet is working, and I’m working those same positions expecting to turn them at a profit. The weather report is fine now, but the cell phone is fully charged – and the back-up laptops are in their cases fully-charged — ready for the next time Mother Nature comes for a visit.


Davis Martin is the head trader at He trades SPY calls and puts and swing trades individual stocks and stock options.

Davis Martin

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