So far the market is still hot… but you know what’s hotter?

Penny Stocks.

Specifically the gap fill. If you don’t know what that is, you should.

It’s a common pattern in all stocks, so you can use it in any type of trading and right now in penny stocks, it’s on fire.




The chart above is an example of a gap fill. Just look at that potential… that’s double your money potential right there. Needless to say, it will benefit you greatly to understand this setup…

And I am going to show you in detail how I trade it to bring in massive profits for me and my members.



Trading the Gap


A gap happens when a stock opens lower than the low or higher than the high from the previous day, creating space between the bars on the chart.

A gap fill is when the price of the stock trades back through the gap closing the space on the chart.

Often when a gap forms, it’s like a void without any specific support or resistance. So when a stock can break into it, there is potential to trade through it.

Take a look at some real trades using this theory.

Pareteum Corp. (TEUM)

After gapping down in late October, TEUM consolidated for the next couple months creating a good base for a breakout.

Last week my custom scanner picked it up as it broke above resistance and into the gap. Why did I like this specific trade?

The consolidation breakout is one of my favorite chart patterns and TEUM set up nicely. Next, we have space in the gap.

Once the stock breaks into the gap what’s our next resistance level?

It’s the other end of the gap. And looking at the chart you can see there was room for a 50% move in there.

So when I saw this happening with volume taking off as it broke out, I jumped in and you can see what happened.





And I’m not alone when I trade, my members are right there with me:


Jan 6, 12:30 PM

olavo mic: in TEUM .533 out 0.60 +$650 thanks jeff


Jan 6, 12:29 PM

eric roc: Holy crap Jef!!! +600 on TEUM wow!!!!


Jan 6, 12:27 PM

freshy fre: out TEUM .57 from .50 taking my profit $ 341.00 BAM!

Yield10 Bioscience (YTEN)

Anything look familiar here?

Gap down, consolidate for a couple of months, break above resistance and fill the gap?

The same pattern that I love and this gap showed us a chance at a 50% move as well. So when it hit my scanner at the end of the day, we got in.

The very next day it actually gapped up and continued to run, filling the whole gap.




And I never leave my members behind:


Jan 6, 9:51 AM

luke gal: out of YTEN .195 to .244 + 25%

Jan 6, 9:54 AM

neal rad: YTEN profit out 275.00

Jan 6, 10:10 AM

joel dod: Out YTEN and IBIO +$940. Left 1300 on the table with YTEN. Working around the house and had a sell amount set at .245. +$3,100 since Friday. Ready to kick this week in the arss

Guardion Health Sciences (GHSI)

Well, you can’t have a gap fill without a gap. Once GHSI gaps down, it consolidates in a rounded bottom formation. A little different than the other two, but to the same effect. Learn about every detail with
Profit Prism Platinum

GHSI makes a move back up to the top of the consolidation pattern, and volume rips up as it breaks through resistance. I buy in and the very next day it fills the gap by gapping up, imagine that.





And my members?

Jan 6, 9:51 AM

cindy kle: out of GHSI +$309. Nice gain for my small $2000 account

Jan 6, 9:57 AM

brian smi: out GHSI @43 from .27 for 59%

Jan 7, 2:23 PM

stacy edw: I’m an unlimited member and can attest that he is the best mentor and teacher out there, with content on any questions you might have. Successful trades and honest about losing trades…and tp learn from them. I am not paid to say this. Last trade was 42% on GHSI. He’s real.


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