For most people, making money in the market is hard, often times next to impossible… but it doesn’t have to be.

One of the biggest problems new traders face comes from within. I’m talking about your own emotions.

Yes, trading is hard… but that’s because you believe it is or make it that way.

You are dead on arrival because you let all the doubters get in your head.

Sure you wouldn’t start trading if you didn’t believe you could make it.

But while you are professing this belief to yourself, your subconscious is drowning in doubt… mostly likely from all of the external sources you’ve paid attention to.

So what’s the solution?

For me it comes down to having a proven system that I can trust. Well, not just for me… pretty much any successful trader will tell you the same thing.

And to this end, I have developed a simple 5 step system that takes all the emotion out of trading.

It only takes about 10 minutes a day and it’s been battle tested and proven in all market conditions.

You’ve probably recognized emotions getting in the way of your profits from time to time. But maybe you aren’t sure how to get rid of them… or maybe you simply refuse to admit this.

Well you don’t have to deny it anymore because today you can fix it.

To do this, I am going to share my 5 step system with you… along with how to use it to free your trading from all the emotional pitfalls.


5 Step System for Emotion Free Trading


First a note on consistency. As noted, my system is proven in all market conditions.

Over the past 2 years in 5 separate small account challenges, my system pulled in triple digit returns each time… including over 600% in just 2 months of my current challenge.

Speaking of which… A new challenge is coming very soon and this is your chance to be there from the start.


Step 1 – Set Criteria

In order to trade, you need to know what to trade. There are certain things that make one stock more likely to go up than another… or more likely to make a big move.

I want to be sure I can get in and out quickly therefore volume needs to be taken into account.

I only want to trade stocks that are actually likely to make a move… and of course that move to be in my direction.

Not only that, but I only trade stocks that can make a double digit move overnight. That’s right, I find stocks like that every day, so I don’t even look at stocks with less potential.

Since I know exactly what I want to see and what makes these stocks tick, I  have developed specific criteria that a stock must meet in order to even come up on my radar.


Step 2 – Run Scan

The next step is to enter my criteria into a stock screener that will quickly scan for stocks meeting my parameters.

This takes only a few minutes and the scanner is completely free on


All you do is enter the criteria from the drop down boxes above and the scanner will do the rest, putting a list of stocks in front of you that meet your specific criteria. (which you can also view as small charts for a quick visual scan)


Step 3 – Evaluate Chart

Once you have the scan results in front of you, it’s time to evaluate each chart. Don’t worry, I have very specific patterns I am looking for here, along with a few other things like volume and how the stock is trading going into the close.

Here’s a stock (BIOC) that came up the day I revealed my 5 step system live:


This chart of BIOC shows a stair step pattern with higher highs and higher lows. As it breaks the previous swing high on the chart on high volume, we are looking for a move to the 50 day SMA as the point of next resistance.


Step 4 – Execute 

We narrowed in on a stock we like. Now it’s time to place the trade. And there will be no emotions to get in the way because you have followed the steps of a system that has proven results backing it up.

All you have to do is enter the information into your order screen.

I entered the BIOC trade at .38 and alerted my members. In fact, on this day there were thousands of people watching live as I walked everyone through my system.


Step 5 – Profit

Now for the fun part… take your profits.

I enter my trades at the end of each day in as little as 10 min. You saw the steps, most of them only take a few seconds, so in about 10 minutes you have found and executed your trades for the day.

And that’s where step 5 comes in… wake up and take your profits. The next day I woke up to $738 in profit on BIOC.



I say wake up because my system looks for trades to take at the end of the day that will gap up or make a big move the next morning, so we get to wake up to profits.

This little detail also keeps us from being slapped with the pesky pattern day trader label. (which is a big deal)

It’s a simple proven method to profit while taking the emotions out of your decisions.

In the few days since revealing my 5 step system, my members have been reaping the rewards as well.


Jan 9, 10:09 AM

steve oel: BIOC up $1550

Jan 9, 10:09 AM

charles bes: TBLT +1900

Jan 9, 10:09 AM

olavo mic: TBLT plus $650

Jan 9, 10:09 AM

engida fik: FCEL: +$78

Jan 9, 10:09 AM

chad elm: FCEL +$100

Jan 9, 10:09 AM

charles bes: BIOC +1100


We all have to deal with emotions in life. But in trading those emotions can mean the difference between gain and ruin.

For that reason, learning a way to control your emotions is crucial to your trading success.

What has worked for me is creating my 5 step system that if followed, can take the emotions out of trading for you.

Make the right choice to become a successful trader…

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