Are you a trader who just strolls into the day expecting to find trades as they come?

With thousands of stocks to choose from, you’d think there would be some easy ones laying around to trade.

Sure, the opportunities can appear endless…

But unless you understand the catalyst, and are intimate with a stocks  price action and levels—then you’re most likely going to be donating money to the market.

However, If you do your homework in advance… just like I do every day with my watchlists, ripe with trading potential...

And today I am going to share my routine that always has me prepared and positioned to dominate.

It’s the same routine that has helped me score over 300% in the past month… so pay attention.


Fortune Favors The Prepared


Trades don’t happen on their own and good trades don’t happen without Preparation.

While many traders like to trade in the moment and fly in and out of stocks on a whim… with emotions running high, trading like this is just asking for it.

For that reason… I choose to be prepared so I know when a trade sets up, what the entry trigger is, and what my stops and targets are when I enter…

This helps take the emotion out of trading… and therefore many of the mistakes unprepared traders make.


The Day Before


Coming into the day, I like to have a good list of stocks that are in play and showing potential to form a pattern I like. I prepare this list the day before which lets me come into the day with stocks that are ripe for trading.

It also gives me time to mark out my support and resistance levels, as well as what would trigger my trade.

Knowing the specifics of your trade ahead of time will give you the confidence to take the trade and you’ll be less likely to make mistakes in the moment.

To create my list of stocks, I simply take a little time after the market closes to run my scans, which helps me find the specific setups I use to give me an edge in my trading.

Setups such as the stair step and the consolidation patterns. Both are very easy to find and trade while providing some serious returns…

When I do this the night before… I am prepared for the following day because I know exactly what I am watching, as well as when to get in with confidence.

I do this every night, and then I send my watchlist to all of my members…


To get my nightly video watchlists, join here.


My Morning Routine


I like to start the morning off with a look at the futures markets to see what they are doing…

All it takes is a quick scan just to get an overall view of market sentiment going into the day.

You can pull the futures up easily on your trading platform or any market website like CNBC, Yahoo finance, finviz, etc.

If you follow me regularly, then you already know that penny stocks don’t care what the markets are doing because they move based on forces related to each stock individually (and that’s what makes them so consistently profitable in any market environment).

But part of preparation is being ready for everything, so a quick scan for market sentiment is always a good idea going into the day… but it doesn’t make for break my trades.

The next and more important thing I do is to pull up the highest percentage movers in the premarket.

These will be stocks that are most likely moving based on their own forces and individual catalysts. And this group of stocks is a great place to find my trade setups, so I will take a look at the charts to find the support and resistance levels and watch them throughout the day for potential setups later on.

None of these things was very hard or time-consuming, but they will have me ready to go when the market opens.

I am always prepared for the day. It’s a huge part of what makes me so consistent.

If you want access to my system, watchlists, setups, mentorship and more. I am one of the only people you will find in a live trading chat room to teach, live stream trades and my portfolio, as well as walking you through my trades every step of the way.

If you want to be the most prepared trader every day and learn to actually trade on your own…




Jeff Williams

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