It’s time to rock and roll…

I went live yesterday and laid out the plan for my first small account challenge of 2020… and it’s going to be a MONSTER.

In fact, I am starting with the lowest amount ever, just $500, with a 3-month goal to make a 1000% return.

Since starting my last challenge with $3,000 on Nov 11… my account is sitting at over $20k now.

And with the new year up and running, it’s time to get started with a new challenge.

I revealed it all in a live training yesterday… if you missed it check it out here.

Last week I wrote about how to use SMART goal setting when planning and accomplishing your goals.

With my new challenge set to go, I am going to share with you how my goal fits into the SMART goal setting system.

Along with some tips and tricks that you can use to profit alongside me.


SMART Goal Details


Simply put goal setting is the process of identifying something you want (the goal) and creating a plan to achieve it, but I am not going to spend time on the details of goal setting as I already explained all of this in my previous post last week… for all the details, check that out here.

Today I just want to focus in on how I set my SMART goal for my newest small account challenge.

If you read my previous post, “SMART” in SMART goal setting is really just an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-specific.

My new small account challenge goal – make a 1000% return in 3 months starting with just $500.




Break your goals down as much as possible.

Instead of just saying my goal is to make a massive return… I am being specific. I plan to make a 1000% return. 

Now you might be wondering how much my account value will be to start my 1000% goal. Will I be doing this with 3k, 10k, 100k? This is also an important point to get specific about… 

And for my newest small account challenge, I will actually be starting with the lowest amount I ever have… just $500.




Without a measuring stick, you won’t know if you are on track to achieve your goal.

Break it down into amounts that can be measured along the way as you work towards the end goal.

For my goal, I will be starting with $500. And since I am planning for a 1000% return, my end goal is an account value of $5000.

These numbers give me a way to measure my success in meeting my goal. I need to be at $5000 to reach my goal… and knowing that, I can measure my progress along the way as well.

I will be starting this next week so now is the time to join up and get started.




If there is no way to possibly reach your goal, this whole process is pointless.

Ask yourself if it’s realistic, what skills and tools do you need, and do you have them… stretch yourself a little to grow, but not too much to where it’s impossible to reach.

I have been trading penny stocks successfully for years. I have a proven 5 step system that has allowed me to bring in triple-digit returns.

In fact, my current small account challenge started on Nov 11 with just $3,000… take a look at the account value as of this past Monday, Jan 6.



Over 21k!!! That’s over 600% … in 8 weeks

Who’s ready for my next challenge?  Let’s go!!!




Your goals need to fit your overall plan or it will be hard to find the time and purpose for them. 

This is easy for me… as a former elementary school teacher, I still love to teach. The whole purpose of my service is to teach others how to trade… and that YOU CAN start with little money and grow it quickly.

So the goal of taking $500 and turning it into $5k in just 3 months fits perfectly with my vision… 

$500 is small enough for anyone to start… so don’t miss this opportunity… join now




It’s crucial to have a timeframe as this allows you to stay motivated and keep pushing forward in order to actually get it accomplished.

The timeline for this challenge is 3 months… starting next week and lasting exactly 3 months.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, follow a system for setting SMART goals isn’t hard… but it is very helpful.

With the year ending so well, I am going into 2020 on a high note and I plan to push my trading to the next level in my newest small account challenge

If you missed my live webinar yesterday where I laid it ALL outyou can catch a replay here

This is going to be a monster year, so don’t miss this one.


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