Jason Bond of JasonBondTraining.com answered an audience question on how he spots his favorite technical pattern — the reversal — and how he avoids catching the falling knives and instead finds a fish-hook like pattern to see when a stock is due for a bounce. Bond noted that current market conditions have made it tough to find reversals, leaving him using his second-favorite pattern, the continuation, for most of his trades right now.

171027 – Jason Bond Picks.mp3


Jason Bond runs JasonBondTraining.com and is a swing trader of small-cap stocks. The Raging Bull podcast features experts from the site talking with Raging Bull editor Chuck Jaffe on his show, “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe.” You can learn more about Chuck’s daily hour of market and personal-finance chat at MoneyLifeShow.com; you can subscribe to the Raging Bull podcast via iTunes and other podcast providers.


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