Happy Holidays! I hope you all are enjoying some much needed time off.

As for me, I’m off my trading desk…

But still reviewing trades on my laptop…

However, there is one, I keep coming back to.

And quite honestly, it could be the “trade of the year.”

I’m always on the hunt for new “smart money” ideas and how to detect their every move. As I looked for the best trades of 2019, I remember how a Wall Street whale made $8M in Wynn Resorts (WYNN), in just under a month.

That’s right, an options trader rolled the dice on Wynn Resorts (WYNN)… and boy did their hot hand run the table—locking down a whopping $8M in trading profits!

Once I saw that trade, I knew I had to dive into it a little more… I found some pretty interesting facts about the setup — and there’s a thing or two we can learn about it.

How did this options trader lockdown 167% winner and could we replicate that success?

How the Smart Money Trades

If you don’t know how the options market works… every single trade must be reported to the OPRA. Don’t get it twisted with Oprah. The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) is responsible for providing last-sale options quotes and information from multiple options exchanges.

That means the OPRA makes it extremely for us to figure out what the smart money is doing.

With some special filters, I detect unusual options activity, just like the one in WYNN.

Now, just because we can see these massive options orders go off… it doesn’t mean we know who is placing the trades, nor do we know who is on the other side.

All we know is that someone is throwing down a massive bet on some pretty wild “smart money” options trades.

Wynner, Wynner, Chicken Dinner

For example, with the $8M profit in the WYNN trade, I looked back to see exactly what they were doing.

On October 10, we saw some pretty unusual activity in the Dec 115 calls… all while the stock was trading around $106.


Over 10,000 options went off… and the average daily volume on those options contracts at the time was around 200.


Source: thinkorswim

Pretty unusual, right?

But what’s even more unusual about this specific trade is the fact that a whopping 91% of those options were bought at the ask price!

That meant these traders were ultra-aggressive and wanted in. They were hammering that line… and if you look at the $125 strike price… more than 14K exchanged hands that very same day!

Get this… those options closed at $4.45 that day and they also included WYNN’s earnings release in November, as those options were set to expire in December.

That’s a boatload of premium to throw down for WYNN to get above $115 plus what they paid for the options.

Now $102 – $103 served as a key support area for the stock, and the smart money was looking for a massive Santa Claus rally in the name.

Did the smart money know about the news?

The day after those options were purchased, the company announced the famed Wynn Gold Club in Vegas was brought back to life…

The very next day, the stock exploded off that catalyst, and went up 6.34%.


Source: Finviz


Guess what those options did?


They went above $7… you would think they would take profits, right?


The smart money knows how to hold onto their trades, and we know they stuck in because on 299 contracts exchanged hands on that line.

They knew there was a bigger move coming… and WYNN could run higher.

The stock trended higher all of October, and the beginning of November… and got way above $120!

That’s when they started to sell…

We saw a whopping 9,520 WYNN contracts go off on November 5, and ALL of the action was on the bid-side. That let us know this was the “smart money” saying, “Okay… it’s time to take profits, we’ve made enough stacks.”


They sold those options for a whopping $14.30… and that was $13.6M in premium — an $8M profit, or 167% return!

I don’t claim to be an expert. However, I have found some pretty sizable winners using an options scanner. Basically, I look at order flow on the options market and conduct my due diligence.

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