Our WealthWise Editor, David Cross, is British.

But, hey—let’s not hold that against him! 😉

David shared a tip with me today that I believe can help bring a wealthier life to anyone—even the British Royal Family!

You can’t help but have noticed the British Royals’ news this week…

“Harry and Megan to step back from the Royal Family!”

“Queen “deeply upset”—Prince Charles and Prince William incandescent with rage!

Madame Tussauds in London even removed their royal highnesses’ effigies from the display!

Whenever children shy away from telling their parents something, it’s a sure sign of a disconnect (the bigger the secret hidden, the bigger the disconnect). 

And so the question was how could this most public of families work through this massive challenge together?

The WealthWise Way!

At WealthWise a wealthy life means a life lived in richness in every facet. There is no point in having a fat bank balance (or even the Crown Jewels!) if your relationships are impoverished.

Here’s a simple way that any family can absorb the initial shock, help to ease their children’s anxiety, and set the stage to work through things together… no matter what. 

(And, let’s face it, the British Royals need a little WealthWise assistance in this area if past performance is any indication of future results!)

It starts with the parent showing love and compassion—regardless of how shocking the news maybe. 

Families can weather a lot, but remembering this simple starting point can help to diffuse any initial fear.

It can be as simple as saying: “No matter what, I love and support you… I want the best for you, and we will work together and come through this together.”

From the perspective of the British Monarchy, this seems like a massive opportunity wasted to convey their ability to be a closer family and to send the message that no matter what, they’ll get through it and that their human relationships matter more than anything—even the monarchy!

Ben Sturgill

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