Jason Bond messaged me recently to say he was done with social media. Within a few days, Jeff Bishop followed suit.

Their decision created a bit of a stir, but I immediately recognized it as a simple, zero-cost, and a surefire way to live a wealthier life. Here’s why…

Jason posted:

With so many followers on social media— Jason’s decision seemed counterintuitive. After all, many businesses would die for an audience like his.

But at what cost?

For a business the time and attention required to create engaging, meaningful, relevant social media content are considerable.

Many people seem transfixed with social media. Research last year suggested that the average person spends 2 hours 22 minutes per day on some form of social media. 142 minutes a day. That’s 37,630 minutes a year or around 10 and a half days!

Every time you check or post on a social media channel – whether in the grocery store checkout line, in your car, or while your family all gawk at their screen while you’re enjoying a family meal together – you are racking up the minutes that contribute to your total.

On the WealthWise podcast, I interview people who live wealthy lives—you’ll find my interview with Jason Bond here and Jeff Bishop here.

Two of the most important elements of living a wealthy life are where you spend your time and what you put your attention on.

Jason preceded his penultimate Tweet with this;

If you are wondering how on earth you can find the time to commit to a New Year resolution, learn a new language, exercise more, enjoy better quality relationships with your loved ones, spend more time with your kids, or enjoy quality time with your friends… look to where you spend your time and what you put your attention on.

Living a wealthy life is something that anyone can achieve— examine how you use your time.


Ben Sturgill

Ben Sturgill

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